Managing Wealth


Katherine’s husband, Bill, died last year age 76. Katherine inherited all Bill’s assets, including his investments.

After valuing the investments for probate, it transpired there were 10 Investment Trusts valued at £60k, Stocks & Shares ISA’s worth £50k and Unit Trusts valued at £20k.

The total investments are £130k which came as a surprise to Katherine. Bill had always looked after the finances and Katherine isn’t sure what to do with the investments. She has asked for our help and advice.

key client considerations2

Katherine receives an income from the investments by way of dividend payments. It is important that these continue.

Katherine has savings of £75k, of which £50k was from a life insurance policy that paid out on Bill’s death. We agreed this amount is sufficient to act as an emergency fund and provide financial security.

Katherine has no investment experience, but appreciates investment values have changed over the years, due to Bill’s comments.

We concluded the investments have an Adventurous risk profile.


After reviewing Katherine’s appetite for risk, we concluded a Balanced level of investment risk was appropriate. Katherine’s pension income covered her expenditure, and with £75k on deposit we agreed Katherine could afford to continue investing.

We reviewed the investments and advised Katherine which investments had performed well, and which not so well.

We concluded the portfolio carried too much risk for Katherine and as profits were within her capital gains tax allowance she should sell the investments. We recommended a new investment fund that reflected Katherine’s Balanced risk profile, that would provide an income each month.

We explained that the investments should be reviewed on annual basis to ensure they remain suitable for Katherine’s needs and circumstances.

Katherine’s daughter, Elizabeth, was present during our meetings to provide support and act as a sounding board.


Katherine was pleased the investments would be simplified and managed for her going forward.

She took comfort in knowing the risk had been reduced significantly, but the money still had the potential to grow and keep pace with inflation.

Being able to have a fixed income from the investments each month was a great benefit, and would help Katherine with managing her day to day finances.

We would be on hand to review the investments, help Katherine manage her paperwork, and complete any tax returns required, making sure she remained on track.

We suggested Katherine speak with a local Solicitor to update her Will and consider making a Lasting Power of Attorney so Elizabeth could continue to support her in a more formal role.